Our Staff

Adv. Arie Saar, Founder

LL.B. degree and B.A in Social Sciences (Tel Aviv University); Certificate in Real Estate Management
(Continuing Education School of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology).
Mr. Saar has been working in the field of municipal and real property taxation, levies and special
assessments since 1987. He previously served as a city council member, executive board member, and
planning and building committee member. He possesses a broad knowledge in municipalities’ work and
policy processes. In addition, he is experienced in representing real property owners and holders before
municipalities and governmental agencies.
Mr. Saar represents clients in all courts and in negotiations and resolutions of challenging disputes. He
represents and advises large-scale clients in intricate negotiations with senior officials in municipalities
and the Ministry of Interior. Mr. Saar is an expert in complex real estate transactions including all
taxation implications.
In the past, Mr. Saar served as an external consultant on municipal taxation and levies at the Chamber
of Commerce and Industry of Haifa and the North.

During his studies, he managed the PERACH national program for social impact at Tel Aviv University.
In 1989, he founded Erelim Ltd., a company that specializes in conducting economic reviews of
municipal tax charges and levies.
In 1990, he was elected to serve as a member of Ariel city council and was a member of the executive
committee, planning and building committee and education committee.
As of 1994, he serves as a consultant to government agencies on issues of municipal tax charges and
In 2004, he established the Law Office of Arie Saar & Associates.

Attorney Revital Feldman

LL.B. degree (cum laude), Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Ms. Feldman has been working in the field of municipal taxation since 2002. She handles cases for
institutional clients that often hold/own a multitude of assets. Ms. Feldman in an expert in municipal tax
exemptions and discounts. She represents financial groups and institutions and acquired a broad
knowledge and experience in litigation and negotiations, and her skills yielded significant financial
achievements for the office’s clients.

Attorney Matan Lachmanovich

LL.B. degree, Bar-Ilan University.

Engaged in the field of municipal taxation since 2012, Mr. Lachmanovich represents and advises
institutional clients and clients with a multitude of assets.
Mr. Lachmanovich is experienced in representing companies and commercial corporations in their day-
to-day operations by drafting contracts and business agreements, providing legal opinions and
conducting commercial litigation processes in a variety of fields.

Attorney David Khoury

LL.B. degree.

Mr. Khoury was admitted to practice law in 2002. He has been involved in the field of
family and youth, as well as in areas of collections and writ of execution, for 20 years.
Mr. Khoury is highly experienced in representing creditors and debtors in a variety of collections related
cases, including writ of execution, consolidation of cases, foreclosures, bankruptcy proceedings, debt
settlement and more. All while providing professional guidance to his client in order to achieve a unique
solution for each situation.
In the field of family law (divorce, alimony, guardianship, juvenile law, prenuptial agreement,
inheritance and will, etc.), Mr. Khoury specialized in reaching fair and balanced settlements, and has
extensive experience in handling cases professionally, fairly and with great sensitivity, to the full
satisfaction of his many clients.

Attorney Liron Turgeman

LL.B. degree.

Mr. Turgeman has been engaged in areas of development levies, real estate and civil law
since 2011. Over the years, he has represented dozens of local authorities, as well as water and
sewerage corporations, in collection claims, provided expert opinions, conducted negotiates, drafted
legal documents and litigated cases on behalf of local authorities in various courts. In the past year, he
has stopped representing local authorities and joined our office, which represents many institutional
and economic entities and business companies. Mr. Turgeman’s extensive experience in representing
local authorities enables him to accomplish remarkable achievements for our clients, who are assessed
with large sums of money by municipalities and water and sewerage corporations.

Revital (Tali) Bezalel, Office Administrator

For the past five years, Revital has been leading the office’s administrative field. She is always happy to
assist our clients courteously and efficiently.
By virtue of her skills, she also assists the attorneys with handling various customer-related tasks and

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