Law Office of Arie Saar & Associates

Our office was founded in 2004 by attorney and economist Arie Saar – expert in the field of municipal taxation and working with senior officials in municipalities and the Ministry of the Interior since 1987.

Over the years, the office has gained wide experience and expertise in the areas of municipal taxation, water and sewerage corporations, development and betterment levies, construction fees, real estate sales and purchase agreements, as well as the division of property during divorce proceedings.

All of which has enabled Arie Saar & Associates to provide comprehensive solutions in accordance to the clients’ changing needs.
As experts with economic and legal background working under the conditions of Israel’s dynamic economic and legal reality, we are well aware of the ramifications this reality has on businesses in the country; therefore, we understand that clients need a more entrepreneurial and creative approach from their attorneys. Such approach promotes forward thinking and will result in better solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation and changing needs, in addition to facilitating an efficient and profitable
use of the client’s property.
Every CEO and/or company owner knows that an efficient and cost-effective use of the organization’s real property results in a direct increase in net profit. Our skilled teams know exactly how to assist our clients in this regard.
The need to increase the net profit is intertwined with our worldview and main goal – to increase our clients’ profit in the immediate and long term. Therefore, each client’s case is handled by both a legal and financial team, and not by a single attorney.
We strive to minimize our clients’ real property levies and taxation expenses, while allowing an optimal and continued utilization of their property, and preserving their best economic interests in dealing with various government institutions.

Over the years, our office achieved significant savings of over 2 billion ILS on municipal taxes and levies

for our clients. Moreover, we have also won large-scale lawsuits and financial claims with municipalities and water and sewerage corporations, which ended in excellent financial outcomes for clients.

Our office receives regular and continuous assistance in technical and economic assessments from Erelim Properties Ltd., which has 30 years of experience in analyzing and discovering information about real property through economic studies and real property surveying and evaluations.

We take great satisfaction in succeeding on behalf of our clients, who can feel the personal service that our office staff provide and the outstanding results and accomplishment we achieve for them.


Arie Saar has a B.A. in Social Sciences and LL.B degrees.

During his studies, he managed the Perach organization at Tel Aviv University, and served as a member of the Ariel City Council and as a member of the Executive Committee.

In 1989, he founded Erelim – a company that conducts economic reviews of municipal tax charges and levies.

In 1990, he was elected to serve as a Member of Ariel City Council and was a Member of the Executive Committee, Planning and Building Committee and Education Committee.

As of 1994, he serves as a consultant to government agencies on issues of municipal tax charges and levies.

In 2004, he established Arie Saar & Co. Law Firm.

אריה סער

Arie Saar

Graduated from Tel Aviv University

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