Areas of expertise

Reduction of municipal taxes

Municipal tax is imposed annually, at the beginning of the year, on any building or land being used,
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Reduction of betterment levies/special assessment

Betterment levy is a mandatory payment collected from a landowner or, alternatively, from a long-term lessee, for an increase in land value due to expansion of building rights. read more>>

Property sale agreements

Our firm has a dedicated department that represents clients as part of property sale transactions and agreements.
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Business licensing and nonconforming use

In certain situations, the use of a property held by a company or business requires changes in the structure or business purpose and/or business license read more>>

Reduction of development levies/fees

Fees, development levies and construction fees (paving, water piping, sewerage, installation of canal systems, etc.) read more>>

Distribution of real estate and rights in a business upon divorce

While divorces are quite common, their complexity is growing. The struggles include the matters of property, children and real estate, all involving a great deal of emotions. read more>>

Reduction of construction fees and water and sewerage levies

Currently, construction fees and water and sewerage levies are collected by water read more>>

Civil and commercial litigation

The dynamic and competitive business world often involves disputes and conflicts between parties in a transaction read more>>

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