Office Profile

Over the years, our office achieved significant savings of over 2 billion ILS on municipal taxes and levies
for our clients. Moreover, we have also won large-scale lawsuits and financial claims with municipalities
and water and sewerage corporations, which ended in excellent financial outcomes for clients.
Our office maintains an efficient and elaborate infrastructure for collecting information and
investigating the history of real property, as well as a large-scale database which has been gathered over
the years and contains billing rules and methods of all the municipalities in Israel.
Our office receives regular and continuous assistance in technical and economic assessments from
Erelim Properties Ltd., which has 30 years of experience in analyzing and discovering information about
real property through economic studies and real property surveying and evaluations.
In light of our extensive experience with representing clients in a wide variety of cases concerning real
property, businesses and companies, we have identified a growing need of business and companies’
owners to provide a solution for the distribution of real property and rights in a business/company
during a divorce settlement.
For that reason, we have established a unique department that handles division of property in family
law, headed by attorney David Khoury, who possesses many years of work experience and proven
record of accomplishment in this field.
Family disputes are becoming more common and their complexity is growing. The disagreements
revolve around matters such as property, children and real property, all of which are accompanied by a
great deal of emotional stress. Managing such disputes requires a sensitive approach as it is not just a
matter of distributing the property, real estate and chattels, but also a matter of making crucial
decisions with dire consequences, as in many cases the property in question is the only housing option
for all family members. The Head of Department, attorney David Khoury, is experienced in this field, and
worked on many cases in which he managed to reach a balanced arrangement between the parties for
the benefit of all family members.
Our office’s experience in the field of real property and real estate transactions, along with the
experience of Mr. Khoury in the field of family law, allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for
optimal distribution of real property and rights in a business/company in divorce a cost-
effective way.

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