Arie Saar & Co
Law Firm
Arie Saar & Co
Law Firm
Arie Saar & Co
Law Firm

Municipal tax


Development levies


Betterment levies/Special assessments


Construction fees vis-à-vis water and sewerage corporations


Real estate transactions


Division of property during divorce

Our office was founded in 2004 by attorney and economist Arie Saar – an expert in the field of municipal
taxation who has worked with senior officials in Municipalities and the Ministry of the Interior since

Over the years, the office has gained wide experience and expertise in the areas of municipal taxation,
water and sewerage corporations, development and betterment levies, construction fees, real estate
sales and purchase agreements, as well as the division of property during divorce proceedings. All of
which has enabled Arie Saar & Associates to provide comprehensive solutions in accordance to the
clients’ changing needs.

Arie Saar & Associates, is one of the oldest and most experienced offices in regards to management of
municipal taxation and water and sewerage corporations. Over the years, the office has gained
extensive experience in all legal proceedings and negotiations with municipalities and water and
sewerage corporations, while helping to minimize special taxes imposed on our clients and gaining
refunds of tens of millions of shekels.

On behalf of clients, our office petitions against charges amounting to billions of shekels placed by
municipalities and water and sewerage corporations, submits administrative actions, appeals,
administrative appeals and lawsuits in courts in order to restitute overpayments. Our office also files
and litigates civil lawsuits for our clients including lawsuits against large counties.
Arie Saar & Associates represents clients dealing with municipalities and corporations in various legal
proceedings in all courts. Our clientele is mostly comprised of large-scale corporations, commercial and
industrial companies, tech enterprises, government agencies and landowners across the country.